Friday, August 7, 2009

The way back to prominence

Three days in one shot due to yours truly being flat out on his day job :D So what can we learn from Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Mostly they've been pretty consistent for a few weeks now, Nine tanks on Tuesdays, Ten tanks on Wednesdays and Seven tanks on Thursdays.

The Librarians took over the 9pm Wednesday slot from the Chaser and posted it biggest Audience ever on Wednesday sandwiched between Spicks and Specks and United States of Tara (now a bonafide hit I think).

Commercial clip shows are well and truly dusted, Nine's pathetic attempt to induce an audience to watch commercials in between more commercials never got off the ground, despite the best efforts of the host to cram in as much unneccessary swearing as humanly possible into each cross.

Jamie Oliver, once the ABC's (and then Ten's) golden boy - is also dusted, with an even smaller aud than Nine's lackluster commercial show the night before! I don't know whether Oliver is still popular back in Britain but in Australia at least he's well and truly out.

There's always a way back to prominence though - as illustrated by Axle Whitehead, the host of World's Strictest Parents, a BBC format which has bolted out of the gate to become the current hot show, a few years ago Whitehead was on the outer having disgraced/pwned (depending on your age group) during the 2006 ARIA awards, he got fired from his Video Hits hosting gig and it looked like the end of the road - but since then he's stormed back with top ten singles, a role on Home & Away and now this show - who woulda thunk it! Reflecting on this - I don't think we'll be counting old Kyle out just yet!

Double Take and TV Burp are still in the doldrums but Seven is likely to support them for a while yet - on Thursdays they're interested in young viewers and seem more willing to take a knock on this night compared to other nights.

Not sure how long Nine will be supporting Australia's Perfect Couple for though, when you're only marginally more popular than Commercial Breakdown - you have real problems, I should also point out this is umpteenth show featuring Jules Lund that seems to have fizzled out - maybe you need to work on him, he's a bit too cheerful and nice - maybe have him look to the career path of the now successful Whitehead - Nine has the AFI's in December and god knows they could use the publicity...

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