Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Rant

Monday Night’s Ratings in a nutshell, delivered by a nutjob…

This folks is 7 O’clock. It’s been like this for months, age old reruns of Two and a Half Men scraping over the top of the ancient Home & Away with ABC News in a respectable third place and 7pm Project close to cancelled – except it’s not.

You’d think if 7pm had any hope of a boost it would be the night after Rove McManus quit his show and everyone missed it! But nope, no dice.

You don’t think that it could get much worse than 674,000 viewers but the overcooked Jamie Oliver proved that you could losing another 29,000 viewers in what is a staggeringly bad figure for 7.30 Monday.

Oliver’s shows were snared by Ten back in 2003 during a particularly lean period for them, and they were a modest success, already having generated buzz on the ABC, but Oliver peaked with his Australian based show (the restaurant from which, Fifteen, is still operating incidentally) and his popularity has waned here ever since.

Andrew Denton, however, continues to be evergreen with his new show, launched with scant promotion pulled almost 1 million viewers in a 44% increase over its lead-in

Flashforward continues to be the show that could, hanging in there at a million despite the predictions of everyone with a pen that it will drop off the face of the earth (just like Heroes, Lost, Prison Break et al) so far they’re hanging on but the real test will be after they have a break in the summertime.

Good News Week meanwhile, continues as Ten’s one bright spot posting a 39% increase on its lead-in against tough competition.

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