Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Words

I have two words
Swamp. People.

I'm kicking myself that I missed it.

How do I know about this show - only through The Soup, that alone makes it must watch television.

Meanwhile what has happened to How I Met Your Mother.

I don't think that Seven has ever tolerated a 7.30 audience under 500,000 viewers - ever. Something else will be there next week.

Y So Sleepy?

The combined audience at 7.30 - approximately 5.5 million
The combined audience at 8.30 - approximately 4 million
The combined audience at 9.30 - roughly 2.6 million

Now the drop between 7.30 - 8.30 I get, I was a kid once, 8.30 is a popular bedtime for kids who need to be at school the next day.

But 8.30 to 9.30?? Are there really that many adults going to bed at 9.30? That's a huge drop off for audience figures and its reflected by the pathetic viewer numbers of post 9.30 shows.

Ten's new drama the Defenders may as well be on oneHD with its Offspring lead-in counting for nothing. Similarly Criminal Minds is suffering from the same rerun fatigue as NCIS.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back to Reality

Well day two for The Block is still good, but kept in check by the bafflingly popular Home & Away (seriously I don't know a single person who admits to watching this show!)

Meanwhile the appetite for NCIS has waned, there was a time when reruns of the procedural would draw in 1.1million viewers without breaking a sweat. Not anymore, now that people have options on digital TV, its getting harder to justify reruns in primetime on the major networks.

Cock Blocked by Nine

OK so the title has very little to do with the post in this instance - but Nine's revival of the Block as a strip has gotten off to a great start.

Elsewhere - Seven's coverage of Wimbeldon on 7TWO has delivered less spectacularly, and more worryingly their 9.30 show on the main channel (Air Crash Investigations) is dead in the water. When you're beaten by Rescue Special Ops you know you have failed.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boys retreat to digital

You know how I can tell that Seven has the female audience stitched up on Sundays? Look at the digital channels, male skewing shows dominated with 7mate's entire night, Big Bang, Top Gear all peaking over 300,000 viewers.

First Blood (aka Rambo) absolutely dominated digital on the night, how many women would be watching that? Instead they were all glued to Downtown Abbey on channel 7.

By contrast any digital channel going specifically after women last night bombed. 7TWO would do better running a test pattern on Sundays rather than persisting with Royal Upstairs Downstairs. Meanwhile GEM's The Reader bombed despite being the most recent movie to screen last night!