Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, 10th May 2011

Damage Control is definitely what Nine needs, just not the TV series with the same title. Last night not only saw Nine's third poor night in a row, but their first real disaster of the week with not one prime time show netting over 1 million viewers.

The decision to screen the original Underbelly to Victorians while showing some also-ran crap in the other states is starting to look a bit stupid. Sorry to say it Nine, but anyone living in Victoria who wanted to see Underbelly has seen it and slipping it into the schedule with scant promotion is not the way to wring extra viewers out of that first season.

It would have been better to hold off until summer and show it as a rerun/first run across the network.

Of course I'm ignoring the night's biggest story - Australia's Got Talent which is the second show in 3 days to take some paint of the almighty Masterchef, and not just a little paint either, Talent beat out the cooking show by a whole 300,000 viewers.

Either Seven is so strong this year that previously railroaded shows are being boosted or perhaps some people are tiring of Masterchef and are seeking an alternative?

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