Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 - Week 2 - The News

Week two of 2009 has come and gone and thanks mostly to a cricket lead-in, Nine News had a great week, though most of that strength was centred in Melbourne and Sydney with Nine still struggling in the west.

A Current Affair also had a big week thanks to an interview with Magda Szubanski re her new year weight loss resolution.

Here's the breakdown of how the news rated - city by city...


Kuttsywood said...

A close week in Brisbane.

Seven has to be worried. If 9's summer newsteam is getting within, 4000 viewers (i.e a handful of households) without a cricket lead in of half your regular weekday team and your hotshot weekend anchor.

You also have to take into account that John's still on holidays.

But I would be expecting that 40/40 will be a distant memory for Nine if they get a great lead in when Paige, Downes and Youngberry start soon.

H E Pennypacker said...

You know back when I lived in Brisbane (2000 - 2003) you couldn't topple Nine's News - I always put that down to the Extra/GC News combo - I also think they were the last city to yield to Seven (if memory serves)

Is Extra still going up there? (it never shows up on national reports but then it's only one city)

Kuttsywood said...

Extra's still going, beating Deal.
Yet 7's winning 6pm.

I have always said, 7 cracked Brisbane, by bringing in John and Sharyn, not by a getting a miracle from Kay and Rod, or massive local investment.
Everything 7 tried interstate, failed in Brisbane (i.e people still watched Paigey). The only successes 7 had was a cheap two minute segment (i.e a trip into the news archives and a chromakey)on a Sunday night.

But I also think, that 7 has been "neglecting" the Brisbane market that 7 had once held tightly. Nothing is produced by 7 for national consumption in Brisbane these days, and all local programming is simply a advertorial.

Do I dare say the "networking" attitude still holds sway at Ch 7?