Monday, January 12, 2009

Note to Seven: Hitler is dead - Monday 12 January 2009

Well Monday saw an increase in overall viewers on the previous week, a lot of that was no doubt helped by Ten scheduling something that people wanted to see with the Ashley Judd thriller (one of many Ashley Judd thrillers) Double Jeopardy proving a big switch-on for the net with an almost 100% lift in viewers!

Even the soon to be departed Out of the Blue got a 50% week on week boost beating Scrubs!

Scrubs was a victim of Seven’s idiotic scheduling – removing a proven second hour of Bones for a documentary about Hitler… WTF?? First of all haven’t there been enough documentaries on Hitler? Those in the viewing public wanting their WWII fix are probably already hardcore subscribers to the Hitler, err History Channel.

I’d love to find out (and I guess we will next week) how many watched The Golden Globe Awards, in years past Ten used to draw over a million viewers to the January spectacle – making it a good platform for promotion, but after last year’s writers strike it seems to have fallen into the hands of cable TV, which, although better equipped to telecast it live, has a much smaller audience base.

The Rich List rebounded with no cricket to distract it’s followers and How I Met Your Mother is doing quite nicely – it is probably summer’s top rating sitcom and will no doubt be launching new episodes right out of the gate unlike last years haphazard start.


marymay said...

What do you predict ten will do with OOTB. I think this week will rate really well with the story hotting up now that characters have been established & viewers back from holidays.

H E Pennypacker said...

It's actually (unfortunately) going off the air. From next week Ten News is back to 10.30pm

I'm in the camp that think Ten should have used summer to trial the show at 7pm, while 300,000 is a good average aud for 10.30, Ten's news usually pulls between 400-600K (hence why it's lasted so long and why it's moving back to 10.30)

Five (which has picked up the UK rights) are yet to air the show and I think a lot will depend on whether they can make it a success.

It will play out here regardless of what happens (Australian drama content quotas will assure that) but the timeslot will depend on it's UK performance.

I reckon if the UK drop it, it'll be played out on Fridays & Saturdays at 10.30.

If Ch 5 order more eps then ten will relaunch it (from where they left off) at either 6pm, 7pm (after Masterchef goes) or in an 'E Street' type format say Wed & Thur 7.30 hourlong eps.

Thanks for reading the rant! :)