Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dem Bones - Monday 5 January 2008

Just a quick one for Monday because there’s not a lot happening, Nine is paying the price post 8.30 for it’s Ten like scheduling, taking out CSI and subbing in The Mentalist on what is that show’s third timeslot thus far, in repeats no less.

In this day and age where people are watching less Free to Air TV than ever – you cannot afford to be moving shows all around the map. Just pick a night an stick with it.

As for Ten – well if you’re following TV at this time of year then you’ll already know that this Monday night line-up is history – replaced by a rerun of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? (I wonder if Grant Blackley has taken that quiz?) and Movies. Bye Bye models – don’t let the door hit your boney arses on the way out!

Speaking of Bones – that show is in purple patch for Seven – what you’re witnessing right now is new viewers who are just discovering the show and enjoying the reruns – similar to what occurred with Two and a Half Men in 2008.

Based on this information I expect Bones to put in some really big numbers and be somewhat timeslot-proof for seven in 2009.

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