Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Week 2 - Pay TV

Thought I was done with last weeks ratings? Well there was one more lot to wheel out - the Pay TV ratings.

These charts show the top ten by genre in Audience Reach. Audience Reach shows the total number of viewers who catch a particular program during any of it's airings over the course of week - it's useful because most series and movies have multiple screenings over a week, some are rerun at late night or the next day, others are timeshifted on the two hour channel and others still played again days later.

This measure supposedly doesn't double up on viewers so if I watch Family Guy tonight, and again tomorrow, then apparently I'm only counted once, which is good because then we get a picture of total numbers who may watch the program.

One thing you can marvel at from this list is the sheer dominance of 3 channels - FOX8, UKTV and Fox Classics. It's also interesting to see that despite Arena's switch to reality TV, it's biggest rater is one of it's old comedies, Sex and the City whereas another of it's old sitcoms, Friends, is introducing viewers to the new 111 Hits!

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