Friday, March 20, 2009

Slight Reprieve - Friday 20 March 2009

Well we had a Friday with no AFL (save for an AFL documentary on channel seven entitled Essence of the Game), Rugby League broadcast in Melbourne and a resurgent Medium/Law & Order double certain to be kept alive on this night for another week at least.

In fact Medium's performance is most interesting - it increased its viewership by 229,000 people week on week with almost all of that surge coming from Melbourne where non-sport viewers given a choice between sports doco on seven or sport on nine flooded over to Ten making it the sixth most watched show in Melbourne last night with 327,000 viewers.

Channel Nine continue to splinter their schedule beyond recognition with Postcards in Perth, Motorway Patrol in Melbourne and Big Momma's House 2 in Adelaide all doing single city duty last night, tonight they'll be dropping Brisbane out of the network to celebrate QTQ's 50th Anniversary.

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