Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Twilight Phenomenon - Sunday 29 March 2009

Ten made off like a bandit yesterday recording only second nightly win of the season, again thanks to sport.

The network’s coverage of the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix ran into prime time in Melbourne and Sydney resulting in a later start time for the Biggest Loser and a boosted audience to boot!

TBL was up 131,000 week on week hitting a season high 1.4 million viewers, So You Think You Can Dance also found favour with 1.3 million watching over the two hours.

Nine’s best was 60 Minutes which has settled at the 1.2 million mark so far this season – while City Homicide matched the Dance audience and pushed CSI into third place.

Border Security was the night’s top show (screening at 8.30 in Perth) with 1.5 million viewers. Sunday Night, seven’s newsmagazine went head to head with 60 Minutes in Perth (due to an AFL twilight match), it came third in that market with 60 minutes first in the slot for Western Viewers.

Overall it was a very close night with no discernable turkeys, there was barely 100,000 viewers between first and third place all night, a testament to sound programming from all quarters.

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