Thursday, March 5, 2009

News Travels Fast - Thursday 5 March 2009

I Don't know how else to explain the sudden drop in Life on Mars' numbers, either the general public has been clued on that it was canned in the US and have decided to ditch, or they just like CSI Miami waaaay too much.

If its the latter and viewers are hanging on for the pithy one liners from Horatio Caine then Ten can rest easy because H checks out in a few weeks to make way for an assortment of dickheads and boofheads on the Footy Show, but if its the former and viewers have decided not to commit to a show only destined to run 17 episodes then Ten has a problem.

No problems from Nine who seem to have managed to wring yet more juice from the dessicated 20 to 01 and Getaway seems to have settled nicely also.

The one puzzle on the night is Bondi Vet, why the audience dips after The Biggest Loser but recouperates for SVU, I have a theory - channel surfers, OzTAM's systems measure the number of viewers watching at any minute and then average that over the hour - I'm guessing that there's a lot of channel surfing during this show - folks are waiting around for SVU but they aren't just leaving it on Ten. Its a decent show, but its not really a Ten show and the figures bear that out.

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