Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unlucky - Friday 13, Saturday 14 March 2009

Just some quick notes for the weekend just gone. Seven and Nine were the main beneficiaries on Friday night with the AFL preseason ending and the NRL season starting - in fact Nine's NRL absolutely blitzed the opposition in its home markets, if only I could get hold of figures for Suddenly 30, or Perth's Postcards which continues to occupy the 7.30 slot in the west.

Ten's alternative lineup was squeezed out by the sport but also, worryingly, by the alternative movies as well coming third in most markets, I doubt they'll let too many more weeks go by with these sorts of poor results, then again they could stand to promote these shows which are way under the radar.

On Saturday I have no doubt that we'll find out Pay TV was the dominant player, yours truly's obsession with Battlestar Galactica notwithstanding, I'm sure the Sound Relief concerts on [V] and Max would have drawn a decent crowd.

Over on FTA Seven's idea of splitting movies by markets may work but only when they're good movies. Meanwhile Nine puts on a Robin Williams film nobody had heard of with zero promotion and look at the brilliant results! You know its bad when you're beaten by 'The Core'

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