Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Pod People – Tuesday 21 October 2008

Channel Seven is viewed by Pod People, this week they switched out RSPCA animal rescue and subbed it with The Zoo (yet another fly on the wall thriller) and they didn’t even skip a beat – in fact they added viewers up 109,000 on it’s predecessor. The hegemony of these early evening doco-soaps suggests to me that whatever subject Seven’s cameras follow – people will watch

Coming soon we could expect concepts like “The Brothel”, “Centrelink: Australia’s Dole Queue” and “Pizza Delivery” it doesn’t matter how pointless, objectionable or irrelevant they are - they will rate their socks off – just make sure that they’re on Seven, because Nine and Ten’s attempts to inject a bit of light entertainment into Tuesday nights are failing dismally.

The Chopping Block lost 54,000 people week on week, but Kenny the Toilet Man fell down the crapper with a painful 117,000 viewers disappearing down the S-bend!

Speaking of painful, The Simpsons is agonisingly close to the Million Mark with only one thousand viewers shy of the big number.

Everything performed much the same as last week, Rush added a further 42,000 week on week while NCIS lost 97,000 viewers. It’s still doing well though which means it’s unsurprising that Ten has enlisted a second hour of the show to shore up Sunday Nights (back in it’s original 9.30 timeslot).

A big question mark for tomorrow night with The Mentalist entering the fray for Nine, this will either see a nightly win for Nine (their Wednesday Two & a Half Men is a timeslot winner) or we’ll see all three drama’s cannibalise each other’s audience.

One thing is for certain – Ten cannot keep blowing House on Wednesday with such a weak 7.30 lead in – Nine blinked first in the battle of the Wednesdsay dramas – but in doing so they have countered Seven’s Criminal Minds with an even bigger gun, The Mentalist – stay tuned for the outcome of that face off.

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