Monday, October 20, 2008

No News is Good News for Good News Week – Monday 20 October 2008

Monday nights are developing a familiar pattern to them, 7 comes first, 9 comes second and Ten comes third in every single timeslot!

Ratings for all Seven’s shows went up with the biggest increase going to The Force which added more than 200,000 viewers week on week and became the night’s top rating show.

The ABC’s ratings powerhouses were down on last week, I have anecdotally noticed that the ABC does well on a Monday when either Four Corners takes on something topical or Andrew Denton has a very high profile guest, last week both shows were in effect with Denton interviewing Kevin Bloody Wilson and Pakistani Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan and Four Corners showed a special report on the financial crisis.

This week Denton’s guests were considerably lower profile and Four Corners tackled the much drier subject of the Murray-Darling river system (pun intended)

This was good news for Good News Week which also received a 200,000 viewer increase and stunningly unlike the week before where it lost 27,000 Idol viewers this week they built on Idol’s aud by a healthy 67,000 people!

Good News Week’s improvement also helped lead out Supernatural improve 59,000 viewers week on week, interestingly both Bones and Cold Case improved by similar amounts.

Finally Nine appears to be incrementally wearing down it’s audience with it’s drip feeding of Til Death, this week recording an additional 29,000 viewers. The initial episodes of this sitcom aired in Summer 06/07 were woeful to say the least but (IMO) the series has seemed to find it’s feet from this second season and if Nine persists they’ll have another keeper on their schedule.

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