Saturday, October 25, 2008

Squinting for laughs - Friday 24 October 2008

Seven continued it's dominance of Fridays with it's lifestyle flagship pulling a phenomenal 1.5 million across the big 5 markets.

As good as the news was for Seven - it proved absolutely bleak for Ten with Download attracting only half a million across the five cities, not a good look for ten.

The show itself is alright, the hosts are good together and they genuinely make an effort to keep it lively - compare the studio segments on Download with the insipid segues on Funniest Home Videos and they have them beat hands down.

Where Download suffers in comparison to Nine's laffer is in the quality (ie: picture quality) of it's clips, whilst Funniest Video's clips are often blurry or grainy (ie: Home Video quality) they still take up the full 4:3 frame, Download reduces the screen size to maintain some sharpness but the result is you have to squint to see what's going on.

When you're on Youtube with your face about 20 centimetres from the screen it's not a big deal - but watch it on TV sitting 3 metres away and it becomes a problem!

United 93 didn't do Ten any favours and may have been a better play on Sunday night where more adult fare (especially topical) can find an audience, not that the kids movie did all that well, Nine proved the law of diminishing returns with Harry Potter diving to 892,000. In a sense it's not bad on a night where not even Nine's news managed 1 million, nor is it that bad given that the movies running time can be expressed in days rather than minutes, but it is a low rating and the unpteenth time the film has been aired.

Absolutely no idea how Seven's Sydney/Brisbane movie "We're Here to Help" did in the ratings, but the International Rules game in the southern states did OK, although with figures well below normal AFL averages - looks like it's going to take a while for the game of gaelic football to really catch on in Australia!

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