Sunday, November 2, 2008

Television's Ice Age - Saturday 1 November 2008

Last night we got a real patchwork, Seven and Nine went local last night to accomodate their broadcasts of Rugby (both the union and league varieties) and the face that people south of the Murray couldn't care less.

It's difficult to make sense of and I'm not even going to try except to say that nothing was particularly impressive ratings wise last night - Funniest Home Videos and Ice Age 2 both scored well, but their numbers were depressed in these spring months.

The loss of viewers this year has been even more acute than last year as people find something better to do than sport or repeats on a Saturday. With both Football matches pulling lacklustre figures even in their home markets, what does this mean for the future of sporting rights in Australia.

Surely they can't keep bidding up the price of these spectacles when the result is a diminishing return.

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