Friday, June 12, 2009

The Ascent of Anatomy

A quick one for Thursday night with Ten taking a major hit to both Rules of Engagement (with both half hours down on the previous week) and Criminal Intent which seemed to lose viewers whilst the ABC gained them with an admittedly good doco series - the Ascent of Money

That same hour recorded a timeslot win for Grey's Anatomy which seems to managed to turn a ludicrous storyline into a half decent one and revived it fortunes somewhat holding it's audience from last week fairly well.

After looking halfway promising last week, Rules of Engagement has severely fallen away which is a pity, we need sitcoms on the air right now - they are the most endangered species on television right now overrun by cheap and nasty factual shows and endless cop dramas but they are one of the big categories for the new 09-10 US season, Nine, Ten and Seven need to bed down some sitcoms now in order to prepare the ground for what's coming, otherwise they'll miss the wave.

Thursday 11 June 2009

Going Up

The Ascent of Money up 18.8% week on week
The 7.30 Report up 11.7%
The Simpsons (6pm) up 11.02%
Sunrise up 10.95%
Getaway up 8.82%
Catalyst up 8.42%
Ten News at Five up 8.39%

Going Down
Criminal Intent down 19.38%
Heroes down 19.07%
Rules of Engagement (8pm) down 17.89%
Rules of Engagement (7.30pm) down 11.44%
Medium down 9.64%

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