Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Betting on NCIS

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Biggest Disappointment
Millionaire Hot Seat
Nine 5.30pm down by 88,000 viewers

Biggest Prime Time Disappointment
Two and a Half Men
Nine 9pm rebroadcast down by 84,000 viewers

Biggest Improvement
Ten 9.30pm rebroadcast up by 216,000 viewers week on week

Ten had an absolute blinder last night helped immensely by a rerun of NCIS. The first run NCIS eps are due to finish very soon, what ten will do after that is anyone's guess but you can bet that they'll keep the reruns in the schedule

It's also a good bet that NCIS Los Angeles will be fast-tracked come September it's as close to a guaranteed hit that any network has next US season.

Nine continues to flounder with slipshod post 9.30 programming betraying a bare cupboard and a programming department that has lost it's zeal - honestly how many times can they play those Miss Congeniality movies - Nine are quickly morphing into a parody of last year channel ten endlessly rerunning the same movies in desperation to increasingly diminishing returns.

There's also a cloud over the future of HomeMADE, on a night where most shows gained viewers, HomeMADE lost 18,000 of them! There are unconfirmed reports that it has been yanked from Nine's Sunday Lineup, I have no doubt the series will be played out in primetime, the commitment to sponsors and a borderline ratings will ensure that, but I'm pretty sure the real estate/reno/reality genre is dead for the time being.

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