Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Credible Alternative

Friday turned out to be big for Seven with the AFL back in force after the split round giving them the edge to dominate the night.

Masterchef is still causing them headaches between 7 and 8 and So You Think You Can Dance is going in the right direction increasing by 6 percent, still not enough to get infront of Nine's Live NRL or Seven's AFL but it's now beating the alternative movies in the various markets

In the southern markets
Catch & Release 370,000
So You Think You Can Dance 473,000

In the northern markets
The Stepford Wives 324,000
So You Think You Can Dance 382,000

So although it's no match for football it is a credible alternative, moreso than Law & Order which it replaced.

Speaking of the venerable crime drama, ten quickly swapped the 10pm rerun for a CBS News special on Michael Jackson at 10pm last night and in 10pm terms, it did very, very well up 48.86% on the previous week's Criminal Intent rerun!

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