Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Chef, The King and the Perfect Vagina

Ten has made their first major change to Fridays in an attempt to revive their fortunes on the night but the results were not good. For the first week in So You Think You Can Dance posted a significant loss for the net.

Retaining only 56% of the Masterchef lead-in the US Dance comp may yet find an aud (it has built in this slot in the past after a slow start) but it would not surprise me to see it moved to 8.30 with The Simpsons back at 8pm in order to bolster Ten's share.

Without the Simpsons on deck Nine's King of Queens was able to slip into the top 30 for the first time ever (remember it doesn't play in Sydney and Brisbane)

The AFL had a huge night last night, whether it's the freezing Melbourne weather, swine flu, the split round or just a chance to see two really good teams in action the audience rose a whopping 26.84% in the southern capitals week on week.

That was still nothing compared to SBS's customary 10pm sex docos, a title like 'The Perfect Vagina' was always bound to draw a crowd I guess with an amazing 67.48% increase over last week's 'Sex Blog Girls'

The Scoreboard
Friday 12 June 2009

Going up

AFL up 26.84%
Silent Witness up 9.99%
The Simpsons (6pm) up 7.83%

Going down
So You Think You Can Dance down 27.2% on The Simpsons, down 4.92% on Law & Order
Criminal Intent 10pm rebroadcast down 17.19% on previous week's 10.30 rebroadcast

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