Monday, February 9, 2009

Ahhh so that's how they do it! - Monday 9 February 2009

Several months ago I wrote over on my list22 blog that one of the colossal screw ups of 2008 was Nine’s handling of Underbelly and it’s subsequent non-broadcast throughout Victoria.

The show, banned in Victoria (Melbourne typically furnishes the biggest FTA TV audiences in Australia - especially for locally based prods) clocked a premiere rating of 1,320,000 in four cities. It's very plausible to assume that Melbourne would have added anywhere from 500,000 - 800,000 to that number had the broadcast gone ahead.

Well last night we got to see exactly what kind of interest Melbourne would have in last year’s qualified smash hit and the answer was…

Well just look at the figures!

Look at them!!

Holy Fuck!!!

After a week of lurching from one bad programming move to another channel Nine has officially dealt itself back in the game.

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