Friday, February 13, 2009

Shame File 2009: Channel Nine

Regular readers of this blog will know that I've already flagged one of the keys to ratings success - consistency.

Moving shows, pre-emptions and an itchy trigger finger are ingredients for a ratings failure - just ask Grant Blackley!

So that we can keep track of all the shifts and chopping and changing let's start the Shame File which will keep track of any and all inexplicable programming alterations during the season.

Even though last week saw most of the season premieres (and some significant changes) it won't count because it was still officially summer non-ratings so starting from this week it's...

Score 2 to Channel Nine:

Bargain Hunt - a 5pm strip companion show to Antiques Roadshow has been given the arse in favour of reruns of Airline

Celebrity Singing Bee - in spite of a decent opening night performance the show has been shafted to make way for travel skein Getaway, no word on where the Singing show will be relocated.

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