Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dead beats Old - Saturday 28 February 2009

If you ever needed any indication of how the under 50s have abandoned Saturday night - you need look no further than the 6.30 timeslot where the ancient Malcolm Douglas managed to best an hour of idiotic pratfalls on channel nine.

Funniest Home Videos low ratings could be a reflection of the host (Shelley Craft seems to have copped a lot of flak in the blogosphere since she jumped from Seven) but then again this show has always been hosted by an airhead (well barring the illustrious first season at least)

In fact I've just had an idea - why don't Nine move this to another night where they desperately need it - then slot in reruns of the Graham Kennedy original on Saturdays, Douglas may be old but Kennedy is dead and dead trumps old!

OK, Also interesting - and I have to credit MediaSpy member retter2critical with this observation, that Seven is winning the night with old ABC shows (ie: Kath & Kim and The Vicar of Dibley), I didn't even notice this strategy but its pretty sound, far superior to Ten's weird movie choices based on some tenuous link to dancing.

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