Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally! A Friday we can watch - 6 February 2009

Ten did something special last night - they came third, well what's special about that? look closer kimosabe - because that's the best third place they've managed in quite a while and the reason should be abundantly clear to anyone with even a passing familiarity with Australian TV schedules.

Look at Ten's line up - no haphazard movies, no sport, no gardening, no documentaries, no reality series, no MTV reruns, nope.

Instead two of Ten's most established series (in fact two of the network's, and television's, longest running) are pinning down the night and the results are better than expected.

Sure The Simpsons has rated better in the past - but not particularly last season in a Tuesday timeslot swamped with fresh competition from all sides, retreating to Fridays (which is a wasteland for the typical Simpsons viewer) makes sense, expect the show to build as the weather cools down and people who have neglected the show discover it on a free night.

Law & Order posted some great ratings and a 2nd place for the two hours, although it will constantly be under attack from sporting options on the other channels the fact that it provides a regular reliable entertainment makes it a better proposition for advertisers than gambling on movies which can be a hit and miss affair.

Next week Law & Order is joined by Medium, a creepy crime thriller/family drama which has always been heavily underrated in this and its home country but deserves a chance to shine - every time I have watched it the show has pulled off some amazing high concept stuff and managed to keep its storylines different to other crime procedurals.

Also 2008 flameout Women's Murder Club is in the 10.30 for the next few weeks - given the good reception here expect to see other short runs in the 10.30 timeslot over the season, finally Free to Air gives us some thing decent on a friday.

Some commentators are calling the sked "risky" - I call it the most sensible programming move in decades - what's next someone turns on the lights on a Saturday???

Don't hold your breath...

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