Sunday, May 3, 2009

Americanized English

Saturday 2 May 2009
Anyone lamenting the inevitable Americanization of Australian culture can always take heart in the British hegemony going on with Saturday night television. New Tricks, Billy Connolly, The Bill, The Vicar of Dibley - these are the most popular things to watch on Saturday night.

Of course in the background is a much more ominous sign of Americanization - the low viewer numbers, the low turnout on the commercial nets indicates a fragmented audience doing something other than watching broadcast television.

I would love to see the Foxtel viewer numbers on Fridays and Saturdays, When you take out all the people going out on Saturday nights that still leaves a lot of people who are turning to cable, DVDs, Video Games and the internet for entertaining alternatives to a pretty lacklustre television lineup.

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