Saturday, May 30, 2009

There's almost no point

Friday 29 May 2009

Biggest Disappointment
Live Friday Night Football
Nine 7.30pm (Sydney & Brisbane only), Down 172,000 viewers week on week

Biggest Improvement
Ten 7pm, up 157,000 viewers week on week

Indeed most of Ten's lineup was up from last week - but it's coming from such a low base there's almost no point. The Law & Order palooza is no match for wall to wall sport on the other networks, not to mention the ABC's forensic skein Silent Witness (now up over the million mark). Only Masterchef is giving ten any traction on the night.

As was pointed out today on MediaSpy today by TelevisionAU, Masterchef on Fridays is not a continuation of the competition proper but rather a 1 hour cooking class run by the judges, thereby turning the show into a psuedo lifestyle hour and probably causing some headaches for Better Homes in the process.

Life on Mars, a show which started promising and then evaporated once word had come from the US of imminent cancellation, had it's 17th and final episode last night with 356,000 people still tuning in. In two weeks time Ten will be re-booting their Fridays with the US edition of So You Think You Can Dance

With two cycles of the dance show due this year (one in June and another commencing September) that should see Ten out for the remainder of the year assuming it's a success.


Peter said...

The 8pm charts are a bit misleading, seeing as there no figures available for King of Queens...

Greg said...

They are misleading also due to the fact that Sydney and Brisbane only had 1 NRL match as it is a split round. The NRL was followed with Crocodille Dundee I think.