Monday, July 13, 2009

It's no long term strategy...

Mixed fortunes all around on Sunday night

6.30 was shared fairly evenly, Dancing with the Stars giving Seven the edge on the competition, but no where near as definitively as the show's peak years in 05/06.

Despite coming third in the slot Random Acts of Kindness is shaping up to be a competent performer for the beleaguered Nine Network and once the double threat of Merlin and Dancing leaves they should get some clear air in the back half of the year.

More worrying for Nine is the 7.30 hour where 60 Minutes lost 17% from it's lead-in and 13.13% week on week. Dancing with the Stars also dropped in the 7.30 hour by 8% feeling the heat from the Masterchef which barely lost a soul week on week.

At 8.30 Miss Marple dropped an astonishing 21.7%, Bones an alarming 24.17%! Rove by 18.68% all of this thanks to Nine shelving the Hugh Grant sitcoms and pulling out a recent film that's actually rivetting - The Pursuit of Happyness which saw their week on week performance post 8.30 improve by 10% (Adjusting for Perth Audience). It was a good improvement, but still overall a poor showing and (being a movie) no guarantee of a good turnout next week, this is the dilemma with scheduling movies - it's no long term strategy, which itself is apt as a description for Nine as I can think of right now.

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