Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paradise Lost

Woah - they haven't even finished the first test and already the Ashes have claimed a scalp! The new travel disaster show Trouble in Paradise has been axed after only 3 weeks. Slumping to a pretty low 871,000 at 8.30 is disastrous but still, given the popularity of Cricket in Nine's own Thursday demos, a little more patience wouldn't go astray.

Given that I've seen similar shows on niche cable channels is can't be too expensive a show to produce surely!

Grey's Anatomy, however, had a good week, thumping the opposition despite being pushed back due to a double run of Home & Away.

The ABC also, was causing headaches with a special about famed bushranger Ned Kelly, overall though the migration of sports lovers to SBS has left a schedule mostly depressed and underperforming.

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