Friday, July 17, 2009

Walk don't Rush

Masterchef had a 90 minute edition and walked over everything else, pulling a season high 2.3 million viewers, definitely one of the largest audiences all year and certainly the largest haul for a Thursday night.

Not one of it's direct competitors made it to 1 million viewers, that is now the sheer power of this show.

Seven had two season finale's - Ghost Whisperer and Grey's Anatomy, while Ghost Whisperer floundered against it's competition, Grey's Anatomy lifted handsomely to post it's highest numbers for the season. Not a bad way to end the year for them, you only have to know a women in their 30s to know this show still has a large fan base, but the Thursday timeslot tends to work against it, meaning if OzTam ever take to measuring PVR or VCR timeshifting they'll find this will be one of the shows that gains big time.

Grey's Anatomy delivered a smackdown of sorts to Rush, the action drama, which struggled on Tuesday nights in it's freshman year and embarrassed itself in summer reruns, couldn't have asked for better exposure coming right after one of the top rating hours of the year.

It's therefore a little dissappointing to see it lose 50.5% of its lead-in, but still 1.1 million was better than anything Rush was doing last year and better than most of the 8.30 ratings ten has had this year so there's hope for it - but Nine's upcoming rescue show (the name of which currently escapes me) could act as a spoiler dragging down Rush by oversaturating the sub-genre.

Speaking of Nine, were they even on last night, that has to be one of their worst Thursday showings ever, I know they mostly have Masterchef to thank, but at least Seven was acle to work around that - Nine seems to have given up the fight.

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