Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leading in to something

You know, this year I'm becoming increasingly convinced that lead-ins mean next to nothing and two things bear that out on last night's ratings

The New Adventures of Old Christine
Nine decided, finally, to wheel this show out for another go behind yet another episode of Two and a Half Men (surely people have seen them that many times now they're burned onto the inside of their retinas at this stage!)

A crowd of over 1 million sat through an hour of Two and a Half Men and then promptly left! Having not seen the particular episode to judge, I can however say that Christine is a slow burn type of show which takes some viewing to get into - but is Nine going to have any patience when this show posted a figure 17% worse than the previous one week wonder Dance Your Ass Off!

That one show sent the rest of Nine's night down the proverbial - with even the resilient 20 to 01 buckling under pressure (and a timeslot change).

Talkin Bout Your Generation
Week on Week the 7pm project dropped 26.75% yet Generation actually rose 2% with 1.6 million.

Lead-ins are less of a factor than ever before and the audience is less patient and more fickle than ever!

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