Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Woah - Masterchef collects its biggest audience yet pulling in a mammoth 2.1 million viewers, a 17.46% increase week on week and surely a good omen for the finale - Ten have reportedly extended the finale's running time by 30 minutes - with these figures surely that will be filled with commercials as advertisers would be falling over themselves to get on board.

Seven found themselves the big loser on Monday night - although their post 8.30 fare performed well, Brothers & Sisters was a timeslot winner improving 6.59%, Seven News was up 6.96%, Today Tonight up 9.9%, Home & Away up 5.37% but their 7.30 hour was a complete disaster.

How I Met Your Mother, twice pre-empted in recent weeks for successful Michael Jackson specials was down 40.74% on last week's modestly rating MJ concert. Worse than that it was beaten into 5th place behind Top Gear!

Scrubs was only slightly better representing a 30% decline week on week but coming behind a slowing improving Big Bang Theory. For some reason a lot of people showed an interest in Australian Story - the only serious contender during the hour.

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