Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bumper Harvest - Wednesday 1 April 2009

Another instalment in what is becoming a topsy turvey week – this time it was Nine’s turn to shine.

With their second reality series bowing out in as many weeks Farmer Wants a Wife finally got one over Seven’s Talent show and dominated the night, Even the Mentalist did well, maintaining his aud from the previous week despite screening an hour later.

Everything else on Nine’s rivals took a hit with House and Life both down as well as Seven’s entire lineup finding itself in the red.

The only question left to ask is how fast can Nine come up with a new crop of country bachelors?

Ten’s Guerrilla Gardeners continues to limp along, Ten proved this week that they can pull of a good Monday night share, and their Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are in order. Saturdays continue to be an issue north of the Mexican border (err Murray River) and Fridays are passable I suppose but it seems to me that this Gardening show is the only thing standing between Ten and a decent slice of the Wednesday night pie.

Who knows? Perhaps with no farmers to compete against next week may see these trowel wielding activists jump up in the ratings, certainly perseverance is paying off for ten’s other light factual skeins but if Easter rolls by with no improvement, then I’d suggest a quick trip to the compost heap for this show.

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