Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sunday 19 April 2009
Well first night back after a two week break in television land (I had a one week break myself due mostly to a busy schedule and a temperamental internet connection, so my apologies if you were checking in here to no avail!)

After two weeks of phoning it in Nine and Seven roared in to split up the night amongst themselves, well check that – it mostly went to Nine, not sure what they were showing on 60 Minutes last night but the show had a big boost with 1.5 million tuning in, more surprising was the performance of Backyard Blitz, this show, rumoured to be already on the shelf, pulled of a timeslot win in what is one of the most volatile slots of the week.

It’s amazing how much the press is speculating on the fate of both blitz and Sunday Night when in reality there isn’t much difference in audience between the two, expect to see Sunday Night continue and Blitz to be back in some way, shape or form later in the year – it’s one of Nine’s more reliable shows.

Neither Bones, nor CSI set the world on fire at 8.30 but at least they can hold their head up high and feel good that they’re not Beyond the Darklands, anyone truly interested in the examination of serial killers on a Sunday night can tune into CI over on Foxtel and see some much higher profile subjects been tackled, a figure of 684,000 for channel seven at 9.30pm would be sending alarm bells to the programs makers – why they switched timeslots so early in the show’s run is one of those bone-brained decision which a certain “special” programmer seems to specialise in!

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