Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Jig is Up! Thursday 9 April 2009


Another Thursday Night AFL Match - this time on Seven helped them to a winning share on the night - viewership was down everywhere else with a thinning out of the sample size due to the holiday weekend.

Nine Held their ground early on with Getaway and Adults Only 20 to 01 but the pairing of The NSW Footy Show and a movie called The Big Bounce was a big disaster.

Meanwhile two other 9.30 skeins are struggling as well, Seven moved 9.30 Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice to 7.30 (when has that ever happened!) for a "special" episode - well the jig is up, only a core audience seems to like this show and no-one else is buying.

Still that's better than Life on Mars, repeated interruptions in the southern states and the news that the show was cancelled in America have caused the ass to fall out of the ratings for this show. It is a pity because even though the series will only have a limited run (17 episodes) it will have a definite ending with the showrunners warned ahead of time in order to give the show some closure, and having read the spoilers I can tell you - it's definitely an interesting resolution!

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