Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Thursday 30 April 2009

A fairly substandard night all around with only Seven's news hour pulling any significant amount of viewers.

A Double of Law & Order SVU was an immediate ratings improvement over the 9.30 edition of Life on Mars with an additional 238,000 viewers for Ten at 9.30.

Bondi Vet gained 127,000 viewers week on week assuring this slow startup of a second season, I wonder whether they'll wait to 2010 or try to pump out another bunch of eps this year?

Masterchef continues the Biggest Loser's Modus Operandi of struggling at 7pm and flourishing after 7.30, overall the show is holding steady but the 7pm figure is a worry, a few more weeks and we'll see whether that's tied to low viewership on a Thursday or some other more compelling reason.

Ten needs Masterchef to fire because in TV switch on is everything, Nine and Seven have big switch-ons at 6pm, whereas Ten's 6pm aud is typically half of Seven's making the 7pm show all the more important.

Over on Seven it's time to ask the question - is this what they going for? An entire primetime under 1 million, the once great Grey's Anatomy barely holding onto viable, the spinoff stuck in second gear unable to get out from under the lead in (a lot like the just concluded Life)

It's weird that less than 5 years after rescusitating their anaemic Thursday nights (remember they gave up and started screening first run movies on Thursdays in 2004 before striking it lucky with Lost in 2005) they've ended up right back where they started.

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