Sunday, April 12, 2009

God's Waiting Room - Easter Saturday 11 April 2009


I could have sworn that The Pink Panther was on only a few weeks ago and yet here it is again billed as a comedy premiere - well, I was half right - The Panther aired not long ago in the southern states whilst the movie last night was a Premiere in Sydney and Brisbane - well if it was some kind of bizarre programming strategy from Nine this same yer rerun only outdone by Paulie - no not the life of Pauly Shore but instead a pedestrian kids movie about a talking parrot - uggh

Ten and ABC cleaned up last night with Football and fogies - indeed 7.30 kingpin New Tricks was appropriately subtitled "God's Waiting Room" which is more a description of the main location of the show's audience.

Unanswered question of the night has to be why Seven gave up on their rerun sitcoms and Malcolm Douglas for even more boring docos and kiddie fare? I know it's Easter but why mess with what was working?

Finally a special shout out to Ten for scheduling Trading Places - one of the all time great comedy movies of the 80s and emminently watchable (even just to see a great rack!) 400,000 viewers between 11pm and 1am is no mean feat - kudos!

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