Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad News start to the Week

Monday, 8 February 2011

Underbelly, now in it's fourth 'season' of sorts - though instead of an ongoing series they will be a series of telemovies - has gone from a showstopping audience to merely a great audience.

1.3 million is certainly nothing to sneeze at - but it stands to reason that without an ongoing epic narrative thread the series will struggle to emulate the high point of "Tale of Two Cities" the show's lauded second season.

My Kitchen Rules keeps up the heat with Seven getting the edge over Nine in the 7.30 hour - Nine's sitcoms are still holding well but Ten's Glee, and in fact all of Ten's lineup on Monday - is falling apart.

769,000 for a new episode of Glee is pretty woeful and Undercover Boss continuing its slide to the bottom the pile is nothing new - but a new episode of Good News Week coming BEHIND Q&A and not even managing half a million viewers is a cause for alarm

Ten, either get a better 8.30 lead in or swap it around with Boss - IMMEDIATELY - give it a fighting chance.

On Digital the top dog was Neighbours which seems to have been one gamble Ten has taken that is paying off. One wonders if either 7mate or Eleven would perform better on the night if one of them blinked - they're both hunting the young male audience on this night with the HD only 7mate coming out on top with Family Guy.

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